Airtel Mera Pehla: Airtel’s Mera Pehla Smartphone program: Costs, benefits and more


A couple of weeks before Reliance announced the JioPhone Next and its EMI-based ownership idea, Airtel announced its Mera Pehla Smartphone program to make it easier for Indian users to own a smartphone.
The new initiative from the telecom operator comes with several benefits that include Rs 6,000 cashback, access to Airtel apps and services and more.
Here’s everything you need to know about Airtel’s Mera Pehla Smartphone program.
Ownership cost
As mentioned the operator is offering Rs 6,000 cashback to buyers who purchase an eligible smartphone priced up to Rs 12,000. The cashback will be deposited to users’ Airtel Payment bank in two installments. The first installment will be Rs 2,000 after 18 months and the remaining will be deposited after 36 months.
To get the cashback users will have to recharge continuously with a monthly plan that costs Rs 249 or above depending on their choice.
So, let’s take the Redmi 9A for example. The smartphone costs Rs 6,999. So, users will have to pay Rs 6,999 upfront to buy the smartphone and then recharge with at least Rs 249 for 36 months to receive the cashback. After 36 months, the users will receive a cashback of Rs 6,000 which brings the phone’s price to Rs 999 only.
Users pay Rs 8,964 at the end of 36 months and the total ownership cost of the phone after 36 months will become Rs 9,964 including Rs 999 that includes 1.5GB per day data, unlimited calling and other benefits that come with the plan.
Do note that users can also opt for other unlimited plans for 36 months in case they want more data benefits.
Eligible smartphones
Airtel has mentioned that around 150 smartphones are available from popular brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung and others. Here’s a list of smartphones that one can buy to get the Rs 6000 cashback offer from Airtel.
Here’s a list of devices and their effective pricing including the cashback

1. Samsung Galaxy F02s
Current price: Rs. 9,449
Effective price under Airtel Cashback offer: Rs. 3,449
2. Oppo A15
Current price: Rs. 10,990
Effective price under Airtel Cashback offer: Rs. 4,990
3. Vivo Y71
Current price: Rs. 10,900
Effective price under Airtel Cashback offer: Rs. 4,900
4. Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime
Current price: Rs. 9,999
Effective price under Airtel Cashback offer: Rs. 3,999
5. Samsung Galaxy M02s
Current price: Rs. 10,498
Effective price under Airtel Cashback offer: Rs. 4,498
Additional benefits
Airtel is also offering pretty attractive benefits too. It includes regular benefits like Airtel Thanks, Prime mobile subscription, access to Airtel apps and services. In addition, the telecom operator is also offering one-time free screen replacement to users as a part of the offer.


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