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Desktop Email Marketing Solution – Email Jeet PRO

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Desktop Email Marketing Solution, Supercharge your email marketing profit with email jeet pro 2

Benefit Of This Software

Desktop Email Marketing Solution. Email Jeet PRO Is The Ultimate Email Marketing Suite! You Need It To Generate The Sales You Should

Desktop Email Marketing Solution, How long does Email Jeet PRO take to pay back for itself? You can get your investment back in just one email Or maybe two if your list is small. You’ll be mailing out day after day, you need something that’s professional and can get the job done without breaking down. Email Jeet is that tried and tested product which has only grown since it was first created. Get it now while you can still get it at this price.

Desktop Email Marketing Solution

Marketer License
(Send Emails for Clients)

Here’s the easiest way to generate sales from Email Jeet.

Accept mailing jobs from local businesses. You know that every local business like a dentist, restaurant, bar, etc. maintains a customer list that they’d love to stay in touch with but usually don’t. You can easily charge a good sum each month to send out their mails and do their email marketing!

All you would have to do is load up the emails in Email Jeet PRO and send out the campaign! Can’t get easier than that. Right?

Mail Without SMTP

What if we told you that you don’t need anything except Email Jeet to mail out? No SMTP! No Gmail account! No hosting! Nothing else except Email Jeet PRO!

You see, Email Jeet PRO has an inbuilt SMTP server which can send email directly to your lead’s inbox connecting to his ISP’s SMTP server. This is something that you won’t find in email sending solutions many more times as expensive. Imagine having total freedom from mail company diktats. Well, this is it.

Here’s What You Get
ONLY in Email Jeet PRO

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