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Optisafe (Women Self Defence) MyBuddy Distress Companion (SOS Tracker) – Siren Alert, SOS Message, Live Location Tracking & Audio/Video Recording

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Price: ₹2,999.00 - ₹1,875.00
(as of Oct 24,2021 22:32:39 UTC – Details)

New-Age Solution for the Age-Old Problem MyBuddy is your trusted companion in any unforeseen distress situations, getting you the help you need fast & swiftly. MyBuddy runs on a patent pending technology which uses a simple pull mechanism for activation, making it fast & convenient to communicate an emergency to your loved ones. It is a universal solution that can be used across a wide range of scenarios including women safety, senior citizens & even hard hat workers. MyBuddy’s ultra-portable, non-intrusive design is easy to carry & wear, hang around the neck, clip it on your Carry Bag, carry it in your pocket; choice is yours.MyBuddy connects over Bluetooth with Smartphone (IOS & Android) and uses the power of Smartphone to drive location , audio/video recording and SOS communication to three predefined numbers. User needs to download OptiSafe Mobile app is available for Android and iOS . MyBuddy needs a companion Smartphone all the time.

No SIM slot – My Buddy does not need any operator subscription which eliminates any recurring Operator billing expenses.
Charging & Battery – My Buddy does not require any charging as this uses disposable coin cell batteries which is likely to last over 6 months. The Optisafe companion App gives an alert of low battery once the battery strength falls to below 20%.
SMS Notification to SOS contact with Ringer alert – My Buddy trigger also RINGS the Mobile of SOS contact , given that most people don’t read SMS real time.
Audio/Video Recording – My Buddy also triggers live Audio/Video recording for up to 3 minutes to all 3 SOS contacts once the SOS is triggered. This helps SOS contact with additional details on the emergency to react accordingly.

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