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Smarter Effective Advertising Adzooma Marketplace

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Benefit Of This Software

What is Adzooma?


Smarter Effective Advertising Adzooma Marketplace. Adzooma is an AI-driven, intelligent platform designed to help you manage, optimise and automate your online advertising. Analysing over 240 metrics across your Google, Facebook and Microsoft campaigns, you can make improvements in just a few clicks. It’s a handy piece of software because it has everything you need to keep on top of your campaigns at the same time as push them to new heights. 

Why use Adzooma?


Smarter Effective Advertising Adzooma Marketplace. Adzooma’s software aims to give you a competitive edge by helping you to:


  • Reduce wasted spend through adopting best practices
  • Save time by automating tedious tasks
  • Improve performance through personalised optimisations
  • Prioritise important data with white-label, one click reports


This means you can dedicate more time to strategy and analysis – something we want to get ticked off our to-do list. There isn’t much satisfaction in churning out the same reports over and over again, particularly when a machine can do it for you. But with all the talk of AI in the news, it can be difficult to harness its potential on a smaller scale. 

Setting up automation rules 


It’s easy to set up automation rules meaning that your account can be monitored 24/7, but not by your eyes. The best bit about this is the amount of time it saves you: not having to manually check and update your accounts is a great way to free up your day.


The way the rules work is pretty easy: 


  • You click to create a new automation rule 
  • Give it a name
  • Select the campaign, ad group, ad or keyword you want to apply it to
  • Set data parameters and rule terms

Discovering unique improvements 


The software has an ‘Opportunity Engine’ which uses the data in your ad accounts to suggest opportunities to improve performance. 


The suggestions come from analysing over 240 metrics across and include things such as “Pause Underperforming Keywords” and “Created Shared Negative Keyword List”. The engine also checks the smallest details like spelling and grammar mistakes, something which you don’t get inside Google. 


Adzooma makes it easy to keep optimising as the opportunities available to you refresh every 24 hours. If an opportunity that was once shown to you is no longer your best option, it’ll be hidden from you. It’s not like other pieces of software which stagnate after the first couple of uses: Adzooma makes you feel like they’re here to help you now and in the long run. 


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