telegram: Telegram rolls out new features: Faster scrolling, calendar view, Global chat themes and more


NEW DELHI: Telegram, the popular instant messaging app has rolled out a new update with a slew of features. The update includes a better experience when scrolling via shared media, joining requests for Groups and Channels, invite links, global chat themes on iOS and more.
Hyper-speed scrolling
Like other messaging apps, Telegram users also have a Shared Media page that shows all the photos, videos, files and music that have been sent there. So, in order to make the scrolling process faster and easier, the messaging app has added a new date bar on the side of the page, which you can drag up and down to scroll through shared media faster. To get a better look, pinch to zoom in and out, so you can see anywhere from 2 big thumbnails to a dozen small squares per row.
Calendar view for shared media
To quickly find media from a specific time, tap on the date bar to open a calendar interface with media previews for each day – then tap to see all the media from that date.

Join Requests for Groups and Channels
The invite links feature allows users to join their group or channel on their own time. When you create additional invite links for your chat, there is now a Request Admin Approval setting, which gives admins more control over who is able to join and see the chat. When a user opens a link with Admin Approval turned on, they will see a button to send a join request that admins can manage from a new bar at the top of the chat.
Unique Names for Invite Links
Admin Approval can be applied to any link in the ‘Additional Invite Links’ section. The app now has the ability to give all of those links unique names, so you can label them for better organization.
Global Chat Themes on iOS
In the last app update, Telegram introduced 8 new themes that you could set for individual chats – and now they’re available for your entire app on iOS. Appearance Settings have been fully redesigned, giving these themes centre stage. Built by the Telegram Team, every theme has a Day and Night mode, colourful animated background and gradient message bubbles.

Instant Media Captions for iOS
With this new update, the text in the message bar will automatically convert to a caption when you attach media, so you’ll never have to retype or cut and paste what you just wrote. This also works with Cloud Drafts.
More Interactive Emoji
This update brings new interactive emoji. Send a single 👻 👎 🤮 😂 💸 or 🎃 in any private chat, then tap the emoji to unleash its full-screen effect.


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