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whatsapp chat bubble: WhatsApp may soon bring new chat bubble design for iPhones

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on redesigned chat bubbles for iPhones. As reported by WaBetaInfo, the redesign will bring more rounded chat bubbles with a new green colour. The feature is currently under development and will be available in a future update.
WaBetaInfo is an online platform that tracks new and upcoming features of the instant messaging app. In its report, WaBetaInfo has shared a screenshot that shows a comparison between old and new chat bubbles and colour.

As one can see in the screenshot, the new chat bubbles are larger than the old ones. They are more rounded and come with a new green colour. The chat bubbles, as WaBetaInfo says, look “more modern” and are part of other tweaks WhatsApp is planning to bring to the app.
WhatsApp bringing emojis for message reaction
WhatsApp is also working on a feature to react to messages using emojis. Spotted by WaBetaInfo, the feature will be available to both Android and iOS users. Message reactions on WhatsApp will be similar to how one reacts on messages received on iMessage, Twitter, and even Facebook’s own Messenger app. It will allow users to react to messages on WhatsApp using emojis.
Reaction to messages in group chats will not be anonymous. As per WaBetaInfo report, people in the conversation will be able to see who reacted to a specific message. Also, users will be able to use all emojis available on WhatsApp to react to a particular message.

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