WhatsApp New Look: WhatsApp chats to get a new ‘look’ on iPhones

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Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp is one of the most popular modes of communication across the world. The messaging platform keeps adding new features and updates from time to time. Now, a report suggests that chats on WhatsApp will get a new ‘look’.
According to WABetaInfo, the online publication that regularly tracks upcoming features and changes, a new beta version has been rolled out to public testers which brings redesigned chat bubbles. The latest beta version has been rolled out only on iOS as of now, which means iPhone users will see the feature.
What’s changed in the look of WhatsApp chats
Users will be able to see new chat bubbles which are more rounded. Also, the size of the chat bubbles has also been increased and they are much larger now. Apart from that, the chat bubbles colour has also been changed. From a lighter shade of green, the chat bubbles are a darker shade. Here’s a screenshot that has been shared by WABetaInfo to give you a better idea of how different the shade of green is.

Image Credit: WaBetaInfo

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new privacy feature for users. The feature will allow users to hide their profile picture and last seen from select users in the contact list. It was spotted for iOS app users by WaBetaInfo earlier this month. Now, WhatsApp is seen testing the feature for Android users as well.
“WhatsApp is planning to add a new “My contact except…” option for Last Seen, Profile Picture, About, so you can finally exclude a contact to view specific data without setting it to Nobody”, noted a report by WaBetaInfo.
What this will do is that it will allow users to hide their profile picture on WhatsApp from those with who they aren’t comfortable sharing.

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