Award Winning Text-to-Speech

Artificial Intelligence Smart Scene Builder


For the first time ever, you can design your own disney and pixar style “Talking 3D Avatars” with your choice of hair styles, colours/props and get them to speak in ANY language. (NOT available in any other app.)

Award Winning Text-to-Speech

Benefit Of This Software

This is BIG – Pay close attention…

Artificial Intelligence. Once every few years comes a game-changing new video technology
that transforms the industry forever…

Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY (this is new and fresh)…

Imagine leveraging the power of latest 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence and multilingual video technologies to create SUPER UNIQUE 3D animation videos like the professionals  within minutes!

Better yet, imagine selling these videos you create for $300 or more each!

I have some good news… you can now cut through the clutter and produce studio-quality animated videos for any marketing goal without any experience or being on camera yourself!

Convert ANY text or audio into a beautiful video within minutes or choose from THOUSANDS of done-for-you video templates from the hottest niches.

Next-Generation AI and disney and pixar style 3D “talking” spokespersons will help you produce impressive 3D explainer, animated, educational, ecommerce, social media, youtube presentations and sales videos within minutes. ¬†

No need to hire expensive freelancers, voice artists or animators every again!

You can now leverage futuristic 3D animation, artificial intelligence
and multilingual video technologies inside ONE powerful video maker app!

For the first time ever, you can customize and create your own Disney &
Pixar style “talking” 3D avatars with your choice of hair style, colours
and branding and get them to speak anything you want in perfect lip-sync
(like humans)!

AvatarBuilder is the first of it’s kind “multi-purpose” video technology
loaded with industry-leading feature NOT available in any other app.

Here are just SOME incredible features:

+ Disney & Pixar Style Customizable “Talking 3D Spokespersons”
+ World’s First Custom 3D Avatar Builder
+ Artificial Intelligence Smart Scene Builder
+ Thousands of Ready-Made Video Templates
+ Hundreds of Natural Sounding Text-to-speech Voices
+ Accurate Speech-To-Text Transcription
+ Next-Gen Logo Mapping To Brand Avatars
+ Dynamic Scene Transitions & Animations
+ Ability To Add Watermarks & Backgrounds
+ Millions of Video, Image & Music Assets
+ Unlimited Videos Renders
+ Commercial License
and a whole lot more…

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