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You Can Create Human Like Voices
By Using Google AND Amazon’s Voice Engines
in Just 30 Seconds

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Benefit Of This Software

Text To Speech You Can Create Human Like Voices. No Programming or Technical Skills Necessary. Just use this Amazing “Newbie-Friendly”,
One-of-A-Kind Software Saving You Thousands of Dollars On All Your Voice-Over Needs.

One Amazing Software Platform With A Ton of Features!


It’s no secret that Amazon and Google have the best of the best when it comes to text to speech technology. However, if you wanted to use either of those options, you’d most likely need to:

And even with the above, you’ll still need to have a ton of features. See, both Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly are great. Way ahead of their time if you ask me. But they still aren’t a complete solution.

When you’re trying to seamlessly create natural sounding text to speech, you need to be able to add pitch, natural pauses, strength of voice, and more.

So we set out to find a solution that would not only offer all of these things (and then some), but also that combined the top two text to speech technologies into one.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one that was satisfactory. So we got to work, designing and developing our own solution. One

that would make using text to speech easy, but incredibly powerful at the same time.

And we’d like to share that solution with you today… 

The Last All In One Text To Speech Option You’ll Ever Need.

VoiceBuddy Creates Realistic Sounding Voices In Only


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