Universal search, spatial audio and other features that are coming to Clubhouse


Clubhouse is rolling out four new tools for its users. These include Clips, Replay, Universal Search and spatial audio for Android. While the Universal Search, Clips and spatial audio for Android will be available starting today, the Replay feature will be rolled out later this month. The announcement comes almost a week after the social networking app introduced a new way to invite people using the ‘Wave’ feature.
Clubhouse gets Universal search feature
With the Universal search feature, users will be able to search for people, clubs, live rooms and future events within the app. It basically helps improve the discoverability on the app.
As announced by the company, the feature will be available for both Android and iOS users. It will initially be available in the Explore tab while the company gets feedback from the community and improves search results. It will later be moved to the hallway.
Users can now record 30-second clips
Clips will allow anyone to snip 30-second clips of public rooms and share it on other social media platforms. The feature will not be available for private rooms. Hosts of the public room will have the control whether they want listeners to create a clip or not.
The feature will be on by default for open/public rooms. Users can toggle them off anytime they want. If you’ve enabled Clips, people will see a new icon (✄), which they can tap anytime to grab a Clip of the past 30 seconds.

Clubhouse allows users to share these clips on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or WhatsApp. They can also save them to their camera rolls for quick editing first.
The feature will initially be available for some beta users only.
Spatial audio for Android
Spatial audio is already available for iOS users. Starting today, Android users on Clubhouse will get spatial audio support.
“Spatial audio has been even cooler than we expected. From musical performances to storytelling rooms, to debates, it has really improved the experience on Clubhouse… so now we’re rolling it out to everyone”, said the company.
With the Replays, users will be able to record a room, save it to their profile and share with others. It essentially will let creators increase their visibility and discoverability on the Clubhouse app. “Replays make it trivially easy to create great audio content, get discovered by others, and grow your audience over time”, the post reads.
Users will be able to choose whether they want Replays enabled when they start a room. If they’re on, the room will be discoverable on Clubhouse for as long as they like.


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