app: Google can now search for your pet’s look-alike in an art form


Google has introduced an interesting feature as a part of its Arts & Culture app that can search for the doppelganger of your furry, featured and finned friend. Dubbed as Pet Portraits, the feature is a way to find art doubles of dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, horse, or rabbit among tens of thousands of works from Google partner institutions across the world.
The company introduced a similar feature back in 2018 that searched for people’s doppelgangers in works of art by matching for more than 120 million selfies.
Pet Portraits give users the option to share the snap of their pet or select a few images and convert them into GIFs and search for the look-alike in the works of art.
The feature is now rolling out to the Google Arts & Culture app on both Android and iOS. And, to use the feature, users first need to download the app on their smartphone and tap on the rainbow camera button at the bottom of the Google Arts & Culture app.
We also gave this feature a try by trying to find a doppelganger of one of our friend’s dogs and we have to say, the app does a fair job, if not the best.
Also, the app gives users the choice to upload pre-clicked photos from the gallery which make things easier if a pet isn’t that camera-friendly.
Here are some examples of how the feature works.


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